Qui sommes-nous ?

bookstore picture

Bonjour ! Welcome!

This is how Laurence and Philippe greet all their customers entering their boutique. And they extend an equally friendly welcome to you through their website!

Laurence and Philippe chose Raleigh for their boutique because it’s a dynamic and growing city and such a pleasant place to live. It’s also home to many French-speaking people and Francophile Americans.

Philippe is in charge of the fine foods store. Gastronomy has been a passionate interest throughout his life (during stints as a stockbroker on the Paris stock exchange and then as owner/director of a horse farm in Burgundy and emeritus equestrian). He can help you with wines and gourmet products, as well as suggest some excellent recipes.

Laurence runs the bookstore, a longtime dream come true! Books have been her constant companion, from her days as a student and throughout her professional life (as executive assistant in the insurance business and owner/operator of the same horse farm in Burgundy, in the food/guest services areas). She can introduce you to both the classics and contemporary literature, for adults and children. Her wish? To help you enjoy reading!

Together, Laurence and Philippe plan to offer you a variety of book clubs and other types of events combining their shared interests…